Ronald Streatfield in Switzerland

Ronald Arthur Streatfield

The photos in this post were sent to me by Tracy Jayne Streatfield, whose grandfather, Ronald Arthur Streatfield, was a prisoner in Camp 59.

“Ron married Sylvia Shrubb and they had two children—Nigel and Jane,” she wrote. “I am Nigel’s eldest daughter.

“My granddad was in the Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment. He was born 30th December 1919, and died 4th December 1986.

“Along with some fellow prisoners of war, he ended up in Switzerland before returning home.

“Most of the pictures are from Switzerland, as you will see.”

In 2013, my friend Brian Sims sent me Ron Streatfield’s repatriation report, which provides the following details on his capture and internment:

Private Ronald Arthur Streatfield, Number 6095483
Place/date of capture—October 9, 1943, Tobruk (“Over run by tanks whilst on O. P. duty.”)
Final escape—September 9, 1943, P.G. 133/17, Granozzo
Arrival in Switzerland: September 19, 1943

Where Imprisoned:
Transit—to October 13, 1941
Bengasi—October 13 to October 28, 1941
Tarhuna—October 29 to December 25, 1941
P.G. 98 Sicily—December 25, 1941 to January 22, 1942
P.G. 59 Servigliano—January 24, 1942 to January 24, 1943
P.G. 53 Macerata—January 24 to May 18, 1943
P.G. 133/17 Granozzo—May 19, 1943 to September 9, 1943 (employed in farming)

No attempted escapes.

“Camp 133/17 at Granozzo was released on 9.9.43.

“Remained in the camp area for four days and then walked for about 20 kms. where I met a farmer who offered to pay my fare to Switzerland and provide a guide.

“Travelled by train to Santa Maria Maggiore and thence on foot to frontier at Spruga.”

The farmer who paid Ron’s fare and provided the guide is not identified by name in the report, however an address of Moncucco, Garoagnia (Novara) is given.

Ron’s address is recorded in Robert Dickinson’s journal, “Servigiano Calling.” See “Robert Dickinson’s Address List.”

Ron in Switzerland. See also images below.

“Apparently the men were looked after by some people in Switzerland,” Tracy wrote, “but I have little information there. They gave my granddad this souvenir plate when he headed home.” 

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