Glauco Cesaretti—Recognized for Heroic Action

From a contact in Rimini, Italy, I’ve received word that a framed Alexander Certificate awarded to Glauco Cesaretti has come to light. 

In an attempt to learn who Glauco Cesaretti was and why he was recognized by Field-Marshal Alexander, the person who discovered the certificate found a reference to him in a book, Faetano 1944 Victoria Cross (2008, Giunta di Castello di Faetano, publisher). 

In fact, the Alexander Certificate itself appears in the book, where Glauco Cesaretti is credited with hiding two Scotsmen from the Germans. 

Contributor Daniele Cesaretti, in a chapter entitled “Other Battles in San Marino,” describes the September 1944 battle where Glauco Cesaretti fought:

“At noon the forward Cameron troops enter Borgo and house-to-house fighting develops. In the confused fight two Scotsmen are cornered in a house in which Marino Militiaman Glauco Cesaretti is present and who swiftly hides them in the basement, fooling the Germans. Later Pte Cesaretti will be awarded by Allied Officers a certificate signed by General Alexander.” (Cameron Highlanders were among the units fighting that day.)

In sharing the certificate, I’m pleased to honor Glauco Cesaretti for his heroic actions.

The certificate reads:

This certificate is awarded to Glauco Cesaretti as a token of gratitude for and appreciation of the help given to the Sailors, Soldiers, and Airmen of the British Commonwealth of Nations, which enabled them to escape from, or evade capture by the enemy.

H.R. Alexander
Supreme Allied Commander,
Mediterranean Theatre

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2 thoughts on “Glauco Cesaretti—Recognized for Heroic Action

  1. Helen McGregor

    Hello, Re the Glauco Cesacetti post, I wondered if the book mentioned “Faetano 1944 Victoria Cross”, names either of the 2 Scotsmen hidden in the basement? My father escaped from Camp 59 and was hidden by at least one family as he headed south to Allied lines. I cannot be certain of dates and locations. It is a long shot but thought I would ask. Regards Helen

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