I.S.9 Italian Agents, Part 1

This is the first of what will be a series of posts concerning Italians who served as agents for I.S.9 (Intelligence School 9 of the Central Mediterranean Force).

The chief task of I.S.9 was support and rescue of escaped POWs and evaders (E&Es) stranded in enemy territory in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. I.S.9 was a division of M.I.9 (British Directorate of Military Intelligence Section 9), a department of the War Office during WW II.

I am grateful to researcher Brian Sims for allowing me access to his documentation of I.S.9 files from the British National Archives.


Emidio Liverani

Born in Faenza on October 14, 1920.

Before the war, Emidio worked with his father in agriculture. In 1941 he was called up for service in the Italian Army and served in the Italian-Yugoslav frontier. In September 1943 he returned home, and in November he joined the partisans in Romagna.

In October 1944 Emidio joined I.S.9 No. 5 Field Section. The name he used while working for I.S.9 was Antonio Fadolfi.

He was employed by Captain B. G. McGibbon-Lewis in the capacity of guide from October 9 to December 22, 1944. At that time he was paid off and given a pass to return home.


Guido Manfredini

Born in Montecucco di Pavullo (Modena) on August 31, 1924.

Guido received normal school education and joined the Italian Army in September 1943. He also joined the partisan band of his brother, Giuseppe Manfredini (below), and stayed with it for eight months. He then joined another partisan band. In December 1944, Guido crossed over into Allied-held territory.

He was known to have intimate knowledge of the area south of Modena.

Identification documents in his possession included the identity card of the Corps volontaire de la liberté.

In October 1944 Emidio joined I.S.9 No. 5 Field Section. The name he used while working for I.S.9 was Grillo.

Beginning in January 12, 1943, Guido was employed by Captain Lewis in the capacity of guide. He ceased to be employed on April 24, 1945. The reason for his leaving I.S.9 at that time was the lack of need due to Allied advance. He was paid off and taken to his home.


Giuseppe Manfredini

Born at Pavullo Via M. Cucollo on December 26, 1919.

Before the war, Giuseppe worked with his father in agriculture. Guido Manfredini (above) was his brother. Giuseppe was called to the Italian Air Force in 1938, where he served as a fitter. In the Air Force, he served in various locations in Italy.

Giuseppe returned home in September 1943 and joined the partisan Brigade Baribaldi the following month, on November 20.

He came through the lines with an American pilot in December 1944, and was rewarded by I.S.9 No. 1 Section, which recommended him to serve in No. 5 Section.

Giuseppe had intimate local knowledge of the area from Modena to Pistoia.

He was employed by Captain Lewis, I.S.9 No. 5 Field Section. His name during employment was Figaro. He served from January 10 to February 19, 1945. He was then returned to a temporary home at Lizzano in Belvedere.


Mario Manfredini

Born at Pievepelago, Modena, on March 14, 1920.

Mario was a student who joined the partisans in May 1944. On recommendation of I.S.9 agent Domenico Crovetti, he joined the I.S.9 No. 5 Field Section on December 4, 1944.

Mario was known to have local knowledge of the Emilia-Liguria area. He spoke fair French and a little German. He held an identification card of the Commune di S. Marcello.

He was employed by Captain Lewis from December 1944 to April 28, 1945. The name he used during service was Mario Panzini.

He ceased to be employed by I.S.9 because of lack of work due to the Allied advance, was paid off, and returned home.

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