Photos from St. Gallen, Switzerland


A note on the back of this photo reads, “Switzerland New Year 1944.” Jack Young is in the middle, kneeling on the snow with the child.

Trooper Leslie John “Jack” Young, at one time a prisoner at Camp 59 in Servigliano, escaped to Switzerland in October 1943. Read “Leslie ‘Jack’ Young Home from Switzerland.”

Jack’s daughter, Lyn Jones, wrote to me this week, “I managed to scan in some photos from Switzerland, the first one says New Year 1944.”

Many of others say just 1944. Jack is in most of the photographs.

“He seems to have acquired a saucy striped tie which he is wearing in a couple of the pics,” Lyn said.

“Wouldn’t it be great if someone else recognises their own father on one of the pictures?

“Just one more clue—I have found a photograph of my mum she sent to dad in Switzerland with the full address on the back—To 7901430 Tpr Young L J, Camp d’Internement Militaire, Degersheim (St Gallen), Switzerland. So the pics may have been taken there.

A news article in the North Beds Courier about Jack’s war experiences reported that in addition to time spent at St. Gallen, “For part of the time he was billeted in a hotel at Arosa in the Swiss Tyrol.”

Lyn said, “Perhaps dad was only in Arosa for a short while, but sorry I don’t know for sure.”


Jack is the second from left at the back. Nothing written on the back of this photo.


Jack is second from left, sporting the tie! No date is given for this photo.


Jack is on the right—in the tie again. Switzerland 1944 is written on the back.


Jack is in the middle of this row. July 1944 is written on the back of the photo.


Jack is on the right in this picture, identified as July 1994 on the back. It looks like this photo was taken on the same day as the summer shot above.


Jack is not in this undated shot.

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