Anne Copley in the Italian American Journal


Author Anne Copley

Anne Copley’s excellent article on the escaped Allied prisoners and their Italian helpers, Italy’s Courage: The unknown story of WW2 escapees and the Italian peasantry, is now online on the website of the Italian American Journal.

The following description of the author is posted on the IA Journal site:

Anne Copley is a lawyer living and working in Oxford, England. She bought and renovated a house near Montefalcone Appennino in Le Marche region of Italy 10 years ago, and now spends as much time there as possible. She became fascinated by the story of Allied PoWs and their Italian saviours when she found that most of her neighbours’ parents and grandparents were involved. She now takes part in guided “Freedom Trails” in the area, reviving the memories of 70 years ago. She is also involved with the Casa Della Memoria in Servigliano, a museum dedicated to this subject.

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