Additional Camp 59 Prisoners

Since the recent New Names for the Prisoner List post, Robert Newton sent a few more names for the master Prisoner List.

These servicemen are:

Willard J. Bergstrom—From Traverse City, Michigan, “Bill” Bergstrom was formerly of the 1st Armored Regiment. He was interned at Camp 59 and escaped with Paul Alsin and John S. Skulborstad.

Alphonse Buttacavoli

James Edward Kavana—Escaped from Camp 59, was recaptured by the Germans, and escaped again.

William J. “Kivvy” Kivlehan

Leslie O. Parker

Robert D. Power

Kenneth G. “Bull” Seldon—Escaped from Camp 59 but was recaptured and sent to Germany.

Regarding servicemen from other countries who were interned at the camp, Robert wrote:

“There were Canadians in the area for sure. Raymond Cox told me that.

“Ferree Grossman also said there was a Welshman with my uncle [Corporal Robert Alvey Newton].”

In going though his research resources, Robert found he had two copies of the 1991 membership directory of the national American Ex-Prisoners of War (AXPOW) organization. He generously sent his extra copy to me.

The directory lists home addresses and all of the camps where each member was held. This listing of all camps for each serviceman is especially valuable because the National Archives Records of World War II Prisoners of War lists only the last camp where each man was interned.

As I find time to go though the full AXPOW directory, which contains thousands of names, additional names for the master Prisoner List are sure to surface.

Many thanks to Robert for his generosity.

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