Northward Bound

This article about Allied prisoners of war was clipped and saved by ex-POW Denis Crooks. Denis’ daughter Maggie Clarke kindly shared it for this site.

Unfortunately, we do not know which newspaper the article is from or the date it was published, although the reference to the fall of Mussolini (July 1943) is helpful in dating it.


“Hundreds of Names”

Some hundreds of names have recently been received of prisoners who have arrived in Germany from Italy. Sir James Grigg, the War Minister, said in Parliament today.

It seemed clear that large numbers of such notifications would be received in due course, but he did not know how many.

Sir James, who was replying to Wing Commander Hulbert (Con. Stockport), said there had always been some movement to Germany of prisoners captured in North Africa and more recently in Sicily.

In some cases they were held for a time in transit camps in Italy [and] 2400 prisoners were transferred from Italian camps other than transit camps shortly before the fall of Mussolini.

Still at Large

“A number of British prisoners of war have escaped from Italy to Switzerland and others have reached the Allied lines in the south.” he added. “The next of kin of these prisoners are being informed as soon as names are received.

“Some prisoners may still be at large elsewhere in the country. The protecting Power is doing what is possible to obtain information about our prisoners and to safeguard their interests.

“It is extremely important not to say anything which interferes with the prospects of the final escape of those still at large.”