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Italian Helpers—Two Queries


Two chits on which British soldiers recorded their names and addresses

My friend Anne Copley is researching two situations of Italians providing assistance to escaped prisoners of war.

Anne wrote, “Local Italians are producing ancient pieces of paper with names and addresses” that have been kept since the Second World War.

Query One

The first query came to her from Giordiano Viozzi. Giordiano shared three documents:

Two scraps of paper with names and addresses written on them, and an Alexander Certificate issued to Oreste Belleggia for his assistance to escaped POWs.

The addresses on the scraps of paper are:

Ronald P. Holmes, Esq.
16, Crundale Avenue
Kingsbury, London, N.W. 9

(On this paper is also written some simple notes about Italian pronunciation.)

George Hart
32 Lynn Street

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