Albert Douglas—First Letter as a Prisoner

Albert and Ellen Woods (née McConnell) Douglas, wed in 1936

Here is a letter from Albert ”Paddy” Douglas to his wife Ellen—his first letter sent as a prisoner of war.

Albert’s first letter from POW camp

050993 L/Cpl. A. Douglas
Prisoner of War
14/4/41 [14 April 1941]

My Dearest Darling,

I am now a Prisoner of War. I was captured in Lybia [Libya] but I am keeping very well and am getting treated alright. These people are very good to us, and you have no need to worry about me. I am O.K. and I hope this war does not last much longer, so that we can be together again in a very short time.

Tell my father and mother I am doing fine.

If you have not had word from the War Office, get in touch with the International Red Cross London.

Your Loving Husband
L/Cpl. A. Douglas Prisoner of War

A message from Albert written on a Vatican form

In a message to Ellen via the Vatican’s Secretary of State (Segreteria di Stato), Albert shared this news of his health:

“Received letter from Vatican, keeping well and out of hospital Not received any of your letters, don’t worry about me all my love, Albert”

The letter, sent from P.G. 59, is dated 9 January 1943. The hospital reference apparently concerns the stomach surgery and six months of recovery at Porto San Georgio that Albert mentions in “The Nightmare journey of Albert ‘Paddy’ Douglas.”

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