Cameron Highlander J. Drum


Pte. J. Drum

I received a note last month from Del MacPhail, whose grandfather was captured in North Africa in 1940.

J. Drum was interned in P.G. 59 for a time. He is listed in “The Alphabetical List—British Soldiers C–F.”

Del wrote, “I have recently came across your site and would like to thank you for creating it. My Granda was a POW in this camp. He was transferred out of this camp and moved to Poland near the German border.

“Attached is a photo of him. That is an Australian’s hat he is wearing—his mate’s hat. He was a Cameron Highlander.

“He didn’t ever say anything about the war at all. So all I have are his records. My Granda passed away October 1989.

“He married Mary after the war, had five children—three boys and two girls—and 10 grandchildren. He was a scaffolder after the war, he just never spoke about it ever. I think it was too hard for him.”

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