Cigarette Parcels

Robert Dickinson recorded parcels of cigarettes received in his “Servigliano Calling” journal.

His girlfriend Ida was the primary supplier of cigarettes. Others came from his family and from his regiment in Lincoln, England.

Player’s brand tobacco was manufactured by John Player’s tobacco company in Nottingham, England. Higgs Bros. was a tobacconist shop in Lincoln.

Comments below in italic are from Robert’s diary.


No. 1. Received July 23rd. 200 Players From Ida.

Jul 23rd [1942] First big parcel, just right have got no cigs. 200 Players from Higgs, no senders name.

No. 2. Received December 13th. 120 Players From Home.

Dec 13th [1942] 
Big parcel from home, 120 Players; 19 left after passing round. Now had 2 Kin [next-of-kin parcels] and 2 Big.

No. 3. Received March 20th. 120 Players From Regiment.

Mar 20th
 [1943] Big parcel from the Regiment, 120 Players about time; have had lots given to me by the other chaps. Always getting, am never able to pay back, some chaps have had 30 cig. parcels.

No. 4. Received April 23rd. 500 Players From Ida.

Apr 23rd [1943] 
Good Friday once again a lucky day, this time 500 Players from ‘Ida’ the best mail sender in the world’ am top mail receiver in our crowd because of Ida!!!

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