News—Denis Crooks Now Prisoner

In this clipping (circa July 1941) from an unidentified newspaper, Denis Crooks is identified as one of three British servicemen found to be a prisoner of war in Italy.

Thanks to Denis’ daughter, Maggie Clarke, for sharing this item.


A letter, postmarked “Tripoli,” as been received by Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Crooks, of 141, Parkanauer Avenue, Thorpe Bay, from their only son Denis, a former pupil of the Southend High School for Boys, who was reported missing while serving with a Yeomanry Regiment in April. “He told us that he was quite all right and that we were not to worry about him,” Mrs. Crooks told our representative. Denis, who is 21 years of age, was an Executive Officer in H.M. Customs and Excise before he joined up.