“Servigliano Calling” Poem #30

“The ‘Bluebell’ Must Go Though” is one of eight poems by Cpl. D. Nevitt recorded in Robert Dickinson’s prison camp journal.

The “Bluebell” Must Go Through

I’ll tell you all a story
That’s ne’er been told before,
Of how our gallant merchantmen,
Are helping win this war.
T’is the story of a convoy,
Of a dozen ships at least,
That were bringing ammo and the “bluebell”,
To troops in the Middle East.

The Navy supplied an escort,
With some of their finest ships,
And the Admiral wrote out an order,
For this was a trip of trips.
“My men I send you a message,
To every ship and its crew,
No matter what may befall you
The ‘Bluebell’ must go through!”

“Though you be bombed by hundreds
Of Heinkels and Messerschmidts,
All must stick to their stations,
Even if the ships are in bits.
We may be attacked by cruisers,
By battleships and submarines too,
But never forget your orders,
The “Bluebell” must go though!”

Across each ship was painted
Where every man could see,
A great big “B” for “Bluebell”
And a “V” for victory.
And according to the rumours,
Which may or may not be true,
Those men were saying in their sleep,
The “Bluebell” must go though!

But crossing the Bay of Biscay,
The weather got worse and worse,
And the waves were so tremendous
They made even the Admiral curse.
The ships they were overloaded,
So there was nothing else to do,
But throw the ammo overboard,
For the “Bluebell” must go through!

But one of those ships went under,
With its cargo too I’m afraid,
And now they say Old Neptune
Has started a shining parade.
But the others came through safely,
Some getting medals too,
For they did a most important job,
By bringing the “Bluebell” though!

Note: The HMS Bluebell, commissioned in October 1940, was a “Flower class” corvette in the Royal Navy that served in the important role of anti-submarine convoy escort.