Edward Smith of the Buffs

Rodney Smith’s grandfather E. G. Smith, served in the British Buffs regiment during WW II. He was captured in North Africa and thereafter was transferred from prison camp to prison camp for a period of over two years.

He was in Camp 59 from December 30, 1942 until he was transferred the following February to Camp 53 (Sforzacosta).

At Servigliano he was housed in Hut 10—Bed 1158.

Here is a timeline of his internment in various camps:

Capua—from January 2, 1941
Behgasi—from December 17, 1941
Tripoli—from December 23, 1941
Camp 59, Servigliano—from December 30, 1942
Camp 53, Sforzacosta—from February 24, 1943
Camp 82, Laterina—from April 8, 1943
Camp 72—from April 19, 1943

He was repatriated from Italy on June 6, 1943.

Rod owns a book of poems and drawings that his grandfather compiled while in Camp 59.

Interestingly, the poems Rod typed out and sent to me are ones that also appear in Robert Dickinson’s journal, “Servigliano Calling.”

The poems and authors are:

“Army Slang”
By C. G. Hooper Rogers and A. Forman

By D. Crooks

“A Prisoner Son”
By F. Chiltern

“Escarpment Escapade”
by Cpl. D. Nevitt