“Servigliano Calling” Poem #20

This poem, an expression of longing and adoration for “the girl I love the most” by C. G. Hooper-Rogers, is this site’s Valentine’s Day feature.

C. G. Hooper-Rogers wrote two poems and co-authored a third that are recorded in Robert Dickinson’s prison camp journal.

To the Girl I Love the Most

I am a soldier in khaki dressed,
Defending my country from East to West,
And as I lie in defence of a post,
I think of the girl I love the most.

When I was on leave in London’s smoke
I bragged of things to my parent folk,
But least of all was my proud boast,
Of the beautiful girl, I love the most.

When I went abroad to foreign lands,
And trekked for weeks through desert sands,
I braved the sun’s fierce holocaust,
For the sake of that girl I love the most.

I’m now a prisoner much to my shame,
But others are in fact to blame,
And all I have left is the wonderful Ghost.
Of the faraway girl, I love the most.

But soon I’ll be free and homeward bound,
And she’ll be waiting safe and sound,
Preparing to meet on some glorious coast,
The girl, whom I vow, I love the most.

And then we’ll be able in peace to live,
And to my beloved one I will give,
A kiss, a hug, and then a toast,
To the adorable girl I love the most.

And when I’m a father with Son on my knee,
I pray to God he never will be,
Lying in Hell in defence of a post,
Thinking of the girl he loves the most!