“Servigliano Calling” Poem #17

This delightful poem by C.G. Hooper-Rogers is a veritable menu of delicious (and profoundly missed) foods.

Hooper-Rogers wrote two poems recorded in “Servigliano Calling,” and he co-authored a third with Alec Forman. Although on this page his initials appear to be G.G., the other two poems clearly list his initials as C.G.


Nothing to do but lie on your bed
When you’ve finished your stew, and eaten your bread,
Looking at continuous falling of snow,
With nothing to do, and nowhere to go.

I sit and think, and dream and muse,
Of anything, everything, and if I choose,
Pick up my pencil, and to pass the time
Jot down my thoughts in verse and rhyme.

All I’ve got to do is think,
Of all I used to eat and drink,
And the phantom foods I used to like,
Haunt me all the blinking night.

Gruyère, Cheshire, Gorgonzola,
Sago, rice and tapioca,
Roast beef, lamb, and mutton broth,
Apple pie and beery froth.

Chicken, potatoes and nice green peas
And other pleasant things like these,
Trifle, pastries, rich fruit cakes,
Winter nights and hot milk shakes.

Steak and kidney puddings too
Yorkshire pud and Irish stew,
Fish and chips in paper bag,
Grand Finale—English fag.