The “Servigliano Calling” Poets


Robert Dickinson’s journal, “Servigliano Calling,” contains 34 poems. The ten identified poets whose works appear in the journal are:

C.A. Hollis, J.R. Cromley, Corporal D. Nevitt, Denis Crooks, G.A. Crawford, C.G. Hooper-Rogers, Alec. Forman (A. Forman), Bombardier P.G. Whapples, Harry Stewart (H. Stewart), and F. Chiltern.

One poem, The Alphabet, is simply attributed to “a South African.”

Only the addresses of two of the poets are recorded in the journal. They are:

Denis Crooks
141. Parkanaur Avenue. Thorpe Bay.
Southend-on-Sea. Essex.

George A. Crawford
259. Ivydale Road. Waverly Park.
London. S.E. 15.

Following is a list of all the poems in the journal. Although only 13 of the poems are posted to this site so far, the rest will appear here in the months ahead.

Our Prison Canteen by C.A. Hollis

It’s Principle Makes the Man by J.R. Cromley

“Gonna” Win by C.A. Hollis

If Wishes were Horses by A. Forman

The “Bluebell” Must Go Through by Cpl. D. Nevitt

It wouldn’t quite do for the Ritz! By H. Stewart

Escarpment Escape: An account of the June encounter by Cpl. D. Nevitt

The “Seventh Armoured Div” by H. Stewart

To the Editor of the Picture Post by Cpl. D. Nevitt

The Brew: it must go through by Cpl. D. Nevitt

The Alphabet by a South African

Campo 59 by Denis Crooks

The Fireside Fusiliers by Cpl. D. Nevitt

The Mirage by Cpl. D. Nevitt

Tribute to the Women of Blighty by Cpl. D. Nevitt

Reflections Cpl. D. Nevitt

There’ll always be an England by G.A. Crawford

To Mother and Dad by Denis Crooks

If, with apologies to the late Rudyard Kipling by G.A. Crawford

Army Slang!!! By C.G. Hooper-Rogers and Alec. Forman

England by Denis Crooks

Thoughts! by C.G. Hooper-Rogers

And They Pay Us a Lire For That by Harry Stewart

To The Girl I Love the Most by C.G. Hooper Rogers

The Gunner by Bdr. P.G. Whapples

The Prisoner Son by F. Chiltern

The Neutral by C.A. Hollis

School tie days are over! by A. Forman

The Experiences of a Captive: In Verse—and Worse by A. Forman

Memories of Home by Bdr. P.G. Whapples

Sweethearts by Bdr. P.G. Whapples

My Home by C.A. Hollis

The Link by C.A. Hollis

Wasted Years by C.A. Hollis