“Servigliano Calling” Poem #12


“Sweethearts,” is one of three poems by Bombardier G. P. Whapples in Robert Dickinson’s journal. This poignant poem speaks to the longing felt by many soldiers for their distant girlfriends or wives.

The pierced-heart icon on this page proclaims Robert’s love for Ida. Sadly, he did not return to her from the war.



My Dear,

I thought that you would like to know
That someone’s thoughts are where yours go,
That someone never will forget
The hours we spent—since first we met,
God willed that I should cross the sea
But come what may you’re still with me,
Times have been hard—of times my bed
Through battles bold—perhaps you’ve read
More lucky than some—my pals that died
For England—she on us relied
So now my constant prayer will be
That God will keep you safe for me!