Luther’s Reunion with the Palmoni Family



Luther Shields and his wife Jimmie visited with the Palmoni family in 1983. The Palmonis hid and fed Luther and fellow POW Louis VanSlooten after their escape from Camp 59.

At top: Luther and Jimmie (far left) with the Palmoni family. Iginia “Mama” Palmoni is the woman with white hair and gray dress.

Above left: Luther with Marino and his brother Gino. The man in blue is Primo Pilotti. Above right: Marino and Gino Palmoni with Luther indoors.


The Palmonis’ home at Montefalcone Appennino, located the province of Fermo in the Marche region.


The Palmoni family’s home is nestled at the base of stone cliffs. Above, on the high ridge, is the town of Montefalcone. Visible in this photograph are the taller buildings of the town, mostly Medieval, which were constructed of local stone and handmade brick.