A Timeline of Armie Hill’s Service


The above mimeographed certificate indicates that Armie Hill was deloused on March 29, 1943. At the time Armie was being held in Le Bardo, a Tunisian city west of Tunis in North Africa. He had been at the camp since March 3, and on the day after the delousing, March 30, he was flown to Camp 98 on Sicily.

Translated from German, the certificate reads:

“Prisoner-of-War Camp Le Bardo
The prisoner-of-war Sgt. Hill
was on 29.3.43 deloused
[signature] Camp Commander [signature] Camp Doctor”


Here is a timeline of Armie Hill’s service in the United States Army, from induction to discharge:


January 20—accepted for active military service at Induction Center, Milwaukee, and sent to Reception Center, Fort Sheridan, Illinois

January 23—assigned to 19th Engineer Corps, Fort Ord, California


January 24—Private First Class Armie Hill appointed corporal (temporary) Company D, 19th Engineers (San Bernardino, California)

June 9—Corporal Armie Hill appointed sergeant (temporary), Company D, 19th Engineers

July 8—notification of Armie’s arrival with 19th Engineers at New York City sent to Hilda Hill

August 31—left United States

September 5—arrived in Ireland (on Sept 6 according to Report of Separation)

November 8—arrived in North Africa, “Operation Torch” Allied invasion


February 19—Battle of Kasserine Pass

February 23—captured by German forces and taken by truck through Gafsa to Gabes

February 24–28—Prisoner at Gabes

March 1–3 (or February 28–March 2)—transported from Gabes to Le Bardo, west of Tunis, by railroad

March 3–30—prisoner at Le Bardo

March 30 (or March 31)—flown from North Africa to Sicily and at Sicily was held as prisoner at Camp 98 near Palermo

May 14—left Camp 98 and was transported by truck to Messina, then by ship from Messina to Reggio di Calabria on the Italian mainland, and finally by railroad from Reggio to Camp 59 in central Italy

May 17—arrived at Camp 59, Servigliano

September 14—escaped from Camp 59

October 15—reached the Eighth Army at British lines near Termoli

October 18—reported to U.S. and British authorities at Taranto

October 19—flight from Grottaglie to Palermo to Tunis

October 21—flew on Mediterranean Air Transport Service from Algiers to Tunis

October 22—arrived in Bizerte, Tunisia

October 27—flew on Mediterranean Air Transport Service from Bizerte to Algiers. Interrogated at Algiers and given $50 partial back pay.

November 3—transferred to Casablanca, Morocco

November 19—received $100 partial payment at Casablanca

November 30 (or November 28, according to Report of Separation)—left Africa

December 6 (or December 7, according to Report of Separation)—arrived in United States and “Granted a furlough of 20 days effective after arrival in the United States and before proceeding to permanent station.”

December 15—received $100 partial payment


January 4—arrived at Ft. Sheridan (Illinois) after 20 days delay en route

February 21—telegram from Armie in Chicago to Vernon Hill, notifying him, “Will arrive in Phelps Tuesday morning”


October 2—Honorable discharge of Armie S. Hill, staff sergeant, guard detachment, New York, New York. Given at the Separation Center, Camp McCoy, Wisconsin