“Servigliano Calling” Camp Poem #6

This clever poem, an ode to the Camp 59 dog, is one of six by C.A. Hollis recorded in Robert Dickinson’s diary, “Servigliano Calling.”

The Neutral

He’s not of any army, he has no need to kill,
His is the freedom of the prison, he comes and goes at will,
No cheering at advances, no worries of retreats;
It matters not, if he’s a coward, or performs heroic feats.

He’s the friend of captor and captive, of both he has no fear,
He just walks disdainfully, if either clip his ear.
No rations is he issued, his meals are bits and scraps,
And when he’s feeling tired, most anywhere, he knaps.

And when this war is over, his life will be the same,
He cares not who’s the victor, or who deserves the blame.
He’s a neutral in this conflict—this world engulfing bog,
He’s one of man’s greatest friends, just a homely dog.

This poem was inspired by Old Bob the camp dog.