Article by James M. Gifford, PhD

Several year ago, I told my friend, Dr. Jim Gifford, as much as I knew about my Dad’s experience in the WWII, and he thought it would make a wonderful story for publication. He wanted me to write the story. I kept telling him that I liked working with computers and accounting, but a writer I was not.  He is CEO and Senior Editor of the Jesse Stuart Foundation which specializes in publishing, selling, and promoting Appalachian values and literature. Finally, he said he would write the story with my help—with me providing the material and him writing. He even had a researcher try to locate my Dad’s debriefing in Washington, DC and College Park, MD. The military people with whom he talked said the debriefing had to have been extensive for him to have been kept in Europe for four months after being reunited with the Allied Forces. All to no avail, nothing was found.

Click on the following link to access Dr. Gifford’s article about my Dad:


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