Simmons’ Address Book—the Italians


Charles Simmons’ calendar and address book contains the names and addresses of six Italian families. They presumably provided assistance to Simmons after his escape from Camp 59.

The names are:

Il Signor: Maroni (or Moroni) Nazzareno
M San Martino
____ Molino Prov Macerata

Molino is a small place near to Monte San Martino, and the word before it could be “frazione” which means “fraction,” a denotation that it is a part of the commune of Monte San Martino.

Comunanza (Ascoli Piceno)
Italia Marche
(Note that the Italians always put the surname before the first name. So the name in this case if Arnolfo Cesaroni.)

Dema Paopranelli
Comunanza P. Ascoli

Giacomozzi Pasquale
S. Martino al Faggio
(Ascoli Piceno)

If “al Faggio” is the correct place name here (the handwriting is difficult to decipher), there is a San Martino al Faggio in the right area. It’s a frazione of Smerillo—on the hill facing Monte San Martino.

Cesoroni Iolanda
Italia Marche
Provincia di Ascoli Piceno

Iva Perticara
Monte San Martino
P. Macerata-Italia

The P stands for Provincia. There were four provinces at the time in Marche. From north to south: Pesaro; Ancona; Macerata; Ascoli Piceno. (Another, Fermo, has been added recently.)

So these places are all on either side of the county borders of Macerata and Ascoli Piceno.

Many thanks to Anne Copley of Oxford, UK, for her help in reading and interpreting these addresses!